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Another DDR-Exp behind us, and what an event it was. V4 would be hard to top but V5 did just that, the bundled efforts of our small but steadily expanding community are amazing.

Notable changes compared to the previous event were the now wonderful cab running OpenITG and the presence of two Turbochargers for all the wooshwoosh action 😀 One of the visitors kindly brought a ParaParaParadise setup, a rare game to experience here! Also important to note is that almost the entire day was being livestreamed, with neat live info and focus on tournaments!

I came in a bit past 11:00 together with Beef, Mimi and Fiona, the last bits for the event were still being set up. I Joined the wooshwooshmania compo at 11:30, was eliminated after the first round. Then, around 14:00, on to the ITG Light compo to spectate and root for my friends who were participating! There was a bit of a rough start since the 4P setup was having some technical issues and hiccups, and the owner of the setup had to leave prematurely. Nevertheless, Jerros, who was put in charge of running the compo, did a great job ensuring the compo came to a smooth end, despite the obstacles and delays. Around 16:00 I continuously alternated between playing on the cab and checking out the ArrowVortex workshop/Q&A that Behy and Electromuis were giving. There were quite a number of attendants so that was great, very exciting to see more Dutch folks trying their hand at stepcharting!

like a little rhythm gamer’s haven, and from what I could see everyone was simply having a good time

After that it was just loafing around and getting dinner before the ITG Heavy competition, the highlight of the day for me! Due to reasons still unclear to me, the Heavies had a pretty big delay of about one hour, but fortunately things still came to a conclusion in a timely manner 🙂 The competition was fierce, and I was very glad to see I managed to clear every song I had thrown at me, the highest being a 12. I was defeated in the semi-finals, earning myself a shared 3rd/4th place with Jerros (we were supposed to battle each other but weren’t able to due to time constraints).

Overall, it was an incredibly enjoyable day, despite all the challenges and delays the organizers faced. The location was nicely crowded but not over-crowded, the rhythm games were so numerous it was like a little rhythm gamer’s haven, and from what I could see everyone was simply having a good time. On to the next event! 🙂

– Kevin Oei

Drukte:  8
Uitstraling:  7
Sfeer:  9
Organisatie:  7
Score: 8

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