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O.N.D.E.R 2


After a very positively received first edition in 2016, it was no surprise the O.N.D.E.R. tournament returned this year! On Sunday September 24th 2017 in a cosy barn in the quiet village of Mill, the not so very quiet O.N.D.E.R. 2 took place.

Inspired by the D.O.W.N.S. tournaments, Fietsemaker decided to organize a tournament in the same spirit with his own cab. O.N.D.E.R. was born. The tournament distinguishes itself with its songlist: all files to be played during the the tournament were exclusively created for the tournament, with most (if not all) submissions done by the participants themselves. With a lack of rules and restrictions (save for some basic technical bits), the tournament is a melting pot of experiments, creativity and most of all a lot of silly fun.IMG_4257

The first edition revealed a surprisingly creative side of the Dutch stepcharting community, and the recent edition upped the game even more by officially allowing Lua scripting. As expected, the result was a mix of even crazier stepcharts adorned with trippy effects and hilarious reactions from both players and audience.

The following top 3 emerged:

  1. Fietsemaker
  2. Jerros
  3. Thumbsy


After the conclusion of the tournament, O.N.D.E.R. 3 was also confirmed for next year, so there’s a lot of whacky creations to be looking forward to again!

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