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Endless pinball fun

The Dutch Pinball Museum in Rotterdam is open to the public 3 days a week for playing and learning about the history of pinball. The entrance, walls and the ceiling are covered with pinball themed decoration, so anyone with nostalgia or interest will be amazed. On the first floor you will find the museum part; here you can see and read about the history from 1920 to the present. When you go upstairs you will arrive at the pinball machines that can be played, there are currently around 40 machines. These machines include well-known titles such as The Addams Family, Medieval Madness and Attack from Mars to name a few. It is actively maintained for playing at top quality, which is not so obvious to pinball machines because they often require a lot of maintenance. Even though I went there for the 2nd time, I have yet to play everything. At the bottom you can click through to the site for more info and I have also drawn up my own top 5.



Here is my top 5 favorite pinball machines, these choices are based on my personal opinion.

  1. Orbitor
    A simple cabinet with a unique playing style where the ball is very unpredictable because of the bowl shape of the play field and can also pass beneath the flippers. 
  2. Medieval madness
    A popular cabinet where you have to penetrate a castle, unique are the moving parts such as the bridge, towers and the trolls. 
  3. Qbert
    Based on the arcade game Qbert. The cabinet has some nice extras but is quite old. I especially like the nostalgia it gives me. 
  4. Attack from Mars
    Very spectacular because there is a lot going on all over the play field and the lights are phenomenal. 
  5. BMX
    It has an extra playing field at the top right, the balance between the 2 playing fields felt very good.

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