Yearly Archives: Saturday December 9th, 2017

Dutch Comic Con Winter 2017

The second edition of Dutch Comic Con Winter edition took place. Like every comic convention it started with a mass of fans en route to the trade fair in Utrecht. After the trip was over, which wasn’t too bad this year, the first thing that

O.N.D.E.R 2

After a very positively received first edition in 2016, it was no surprise the O.N.D.E.R. tournament returned this year! On Sunday September 24th 2017 in a cosy barn in the quiet village of Mill, the not so very quiet O.N.D.E.R. 2 took place. Inspired by

Abunai 2017

The weekend flew by, not only because I was supporting the DDR and had to plan time for things like taking pictures, but also because of the lovely weather! It got up to 27 degrees on the Saturday, but despite that there was enough to

Moshi Moshi

Mochi Mochi is an event that was held in the Amstelpark on the 17th of June. It was an one day event for the lovers of anime and Japanese culture. It was primarily set up to be a marketplace, although there was also karaoke and

Animecon 2017

This year was the 19th edition of Animecon, each year a ton of anime and Japanse culture fans come together in the world-forum in Den Haag. There was a very long queue in front of the door like always, although that was not really a


Let’s take a quick look at our event this past weekend! It was another great success, DDR-EXP V6 “Back to the 90s!!!” Do you want to see more? Check out our Facebook page, or the DDR-EXP

‘∀lternative’ Stomp Tournament

The ‘∀lternative’ Stomp Tournament over in Funland in Scheveningen was fully prepared for April Fools Day. INstead of a normal Dance Dance competition they did something ‘different’. There was a competition filled with strange tasks to do while playing on the machine. A few examples


A massive amount of comic fans gathered last weekend, march 25-26th, to go hang out at Dutch Comic Con, although there were not only comic fans, but they also had plenty to offer for people interested in Anime and Fantasy. Saturday was very busy despite

FAST 2017

Saturday, the 11th of February, I had the chance to go to Funland Arrow Stomp Tournament 2017. You guessed it, more DDR. The best Dance Dance players in the Netherlands gathered in the arcade on the pier of Scheveningen. A fierce battle in which every

Retro Planet

On Saturday, the 21st of January, Retro Planet Arcade opened their new location. It was a party that lasted all day, and it was full of old arcade games for you to play. There was even a barber on location, for people with an unkempt