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Rhythmfest was the jubilee edition of the DDR-EXP event held on February 21-23, 9 events preceded and therefore we had to expand for the 10th edition. This time it was held in the national video game museum in Zoetermeer, not only that but it was

French Toats FA #3

In the north of France, the best ITM players in Europe gathered for French Toats FA, a 2-day competition held in a local arcade in Lille called Atom City. Players from no less than 8 different countries, but no strangers to each other. It was

MidWinterFair 2019

The place in the Archeon is very suitable for an event such as MidWinterFair this weekend. Nowadays the city of Alphen has grown close to the park with the construction of the surrounding neighborhoods. Where they have to give up a piece of land at

DCC Winter Edition 2019

With a sold out Saturday, the popularity of DCC does not seem to be declining. Found at the Utrecht trade fair, all fans of games, comics and anime came together again. The event was spacious but due to the crowds it could become tight in

VienCon 2019

What if you organize an anime event in Centerparks, beautiful surroundings, swimming pool and all your guests in houses. This is what Viencon is and it seems to work because it was even sold out this year. At the end of the summer with luckily

Dordtse Matsuri

The Dordtse Matsuri was a small convention held in Doordrecht, it was a good location and the event clearly has the potential to become bigger. The multiple performances on the main stage were unique despite the fact that the number of visitors was not super

Castlefest 2019

For this event it was also the 5th time that I was present. Apart from that, Castlefest is an event that has not changed much over the years. In addition to the growth of visitors, it was also clear that after the introduction of the

AnimeCon Goes South

AnimeCon was one of the first events I ever visited, about 5 years ago. This time it’s being held in Ahoy, Rotterdam. Which was a big change, from rooms to multiple big hall’s, but they used portable wall’s to compensate and isolate activities. I noticed


Dokomi is one of the biggest events in the Netherlands held in Düsseldorf, Germany. I noticed the there were more day long events than workshops or lectures. There was enough food to get but it was pricey and you could expect a long waiting line.

Arcade Night

For quite a while the demo ran for holding a weekly “Arcade night” with the guys from ddr-exp. A cash amount in advance and then the rest of the evening everything on freeplay, also extra games are set up. Playing a lot continuously gives you the