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Dokomi is one of the biggest events in the Netherlands held in Düsseldorf, Germany. I noticed the there were more day long events than workshops or lectures. There was enough food to get but it was pricey and you could expect a long waiting line.

TomoFair Amsterdam 2018

The event was held at the World Fashion Center in Amsterdam. Tomo was early this year, the event existed in multiple halls for Food, gaming, stage an off course a big dealers room. There was apparently no theme and the decoration was limited. Furthermore it been crowded in a good way compared with the year previous when the building definitely reached

Dutch Comic Con Winter 2017

The second edition of Dutch Comic Con Winter edition took place. Like every comic convention it started with a mass of fans en route to the trade fair in Utrecht. After the trip was over, which wasn’t too bad this year, the first thing that

Abunai 2017

The weekend flew by, not only because I was supporting the DDR and had to plan time for things like taking pictures, but also because of the lovely weather! It got up to 27 degrees on the Saturday, but despite that there was enough to

Animecon 2017

This year was the 19th edition of Animecon, each year a ton of anime and Japanse culture fans come together in the world-forum in Den Haag. There was a very long queue in front of the door like always, although that was not really a


A massive amount of comic fans gathered last weekend, march 25-26th, to go hang out at Dutch Comic Con, although there were not only comic fans, but they also had plenty to offer for people interested in Anime and Fantasy. Saturday was very busy despite

XL Gaming

XL Gaming happened on the 23rd of September, it was a game event that was part of Travelfest in the central library in Rotterdam. There were a few games present that you could play : Super Smash, FIFA, and DDR organised by DDR-Exp. The event


Lots of fun, and even more water It was incredibly hot this year at Abunai, the 3 day long event. The temperature was at least 30 degrees centigrade, so many were just relaxing, however there were some fanatics who didn’t mind sitting in the sun

ChibiHangout Classroom edition

It has been the 5th edition of the ChibiHangout, as usual on a Sunday. There have been many more conventions recently, and as such people have a lot of choices of where to go, and will more often decide to pass on a convention. ChibiHangout