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‘∀lternative’ Stomp Tournament

The ‘∀lternative’ Stomp Tournament over in Funland in Scheveningen was fully prepared for April Fools Day. INstead of a normal Dance Dance competition they did something ‘different’. There was a competition filled with strange tasks to do while playing on the machine. A few examples

FAST 2017

Saturday, the 11th of February, I had the chance to go to Funland Arrow Stomp Tournament 2017. You guessed it, more DDR. The best Dance Dance players in the Netherlands gathered in the arcade on the pier of Scheveningen. A fierce battle in which every

Netherland’s debut International Pump Fest

On the 10th of September, the activities for the International Pump Fest 2016 will be taking place in Funland. In the weekend of September 10-11, all participating countries will be conducting a Pump It Up tournament after which each country’s 6 best players of the