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AnimeCon Goes South

AnimeCon was one of the first events I ever visited, about 5 years ago. This time it’s being held in Ahoy, Rotterdam. Which was a big change, from rooms to multiple big hall’s, but they used portable wall’s to compensate and isolate activities. I noticed

International Pump Fest 2018

During the International Pump Fest, the country’s best players come together to match themselves against the rest of the world. After a national qualification round, the top 6 men and women proceeded to the IPF round where they could compete for a placement in the

XL Gaming

XL Gaming happened on the 23rd of September, it was a game event that was part of Travelfest in the central library in Rotterdam. There were a few games present that you could play : Super Smash, FIFA, and DDR organised by DDR-Exp. The event