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Stockphoto pack van DeSchuurr


These free stock photos are a collection of “leftover” photos taken for DeSchuurr posts. These photos do not contain people, logos or direct owned property. Because these photos were taken between 2015 and 2020, there is quality difference between the photos. Images may be freely used for mock-up designs or other purposes, but not selling, this falls under Creative Commons.

Read license.


Anyone who regularly takes pictures may be familiar with it, mountains of leftover photos that have gotten lost all over your collection. Photos where you think you might better just throw them away, they are not ugly but just have no purpose. Nowadays, when looking for photos, you are often recommended paid services or it is not clear who the owner is. That is why I made this collection free to the public.

Currently, it is a set of 200+ photos. (download is actively supplemented)


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