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Rhythmfest was the jubilee edition of the DDR-EXP event held on February 21-23, 9 events preceded and therefore we had to expand for the 10th edition. This time it was held in the national video game museum in Zoetermeer, not only that but it was also added with an extra floor below the museum. Every findable arcade under the name “rhythm game” was collected and put down to admire or play. There was also the VR rhythm game called Beat Saber, which was very popular and also the competition with the most registrations. Competitions were also an important part of the weekend, with a total of 16 different competitions. One of the special arcades that was present in the old-school corner, the VJ Visual Slap of which there is probably only 1 left in the world. With an event ticket you could also play in the museum, and was required to participate in a competition. Dinner and t-shirts were also arranged to be ordered with your ticket for the enthusiast.

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