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Animecon 2017


This year was the 19th edition of Animecon, each year a ton of anime and Japanse culture fans come together in the world-forum in Den Haag. There was a very long queue in front of the door like always, although that was not really a bad thing, with the clear blue skies and warm sunlight. This year there was a larger range of food stalls, and I enjoyed the extra food options that were available. There were also a lot of diverse options on offer.

The Saturday was quite busy, but there was still plenty of space for all the workshops because a lot of people went to enjoy the lovely weather. For the people who love karaoke the night was longer than usual, it lasted all the way until 3:30 in the morning. It didn’t get boring, around midnight there was still a queue of about 2 hours. This year there was a show performed by the Japanse artist Minami, who has sung a lot of anime intros and thus was well known by the people. The performance was quite the spectacle, and there was time to interact with the artist during the signing session on the next day.

Something else that caught my eye was that the planning and rules for the workshops. A lot of people also noticed that there was no DDR this year. They did provide an alternative by placing 2 mats in the game-room and held a competition on the dance arcade machine. A strong point of Animecon is that a lot of people come from out of the country, so you have a great opportunity to interact with a lot of cosplayers from all over the world.


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