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Last weekend, the 4th edition of Rhythm Fever took place, a community event for rhythm games held at Pixelarcade, Den Bosch. Rhythm Fever has now become a beloved tradition among rhythm game enthusiasts, where we gather all day for fun, competitions, and games. In collaboration with DDR-EXP and the National Videogame Museum, additional arcade machines were brought to the venue, including Pop’n Music, Chunithum, Project Diva, and Nostalgia, which attracted a lot of attention.

A nice detail of the event was that upon arrival, you could personalize your own name badge with a design, text, and stickers. This added a personal touch. The day was filled with various activities and competitions. Visitors could showcase their skills in games such as Dance Dance Revolution, Pump It Up, and Taiko no Tatsujin. There was a lot of focus on beginner players as many of the competitions had a maximum skill level. If you wanted to take home a special memory, you could design and print a custom T-shirt at the event, with supplies and assistance provided by Kurtface.

At the end of the day, no less than 52 pizzas were delivered, and gaming continued until everyone went home. It was a perfect conclusion to a successful day full of music and games.

Follow us for updates and make sure to be there for the next edition of Rhythm Fever!

More about the event: https://pixelarcade.nl/rhythm-fever-v4/
More info about Kurtface: https://ietsmooisaandemuur.nl/

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