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Stamina PR app


The Stamina PR app is specifically designed for the Dutch In the Groove community (info: In The Groove). With this app, players can submit their highest scores each month to earn a spot on the leaderboard. The app is an evolution of the previous Stamina PR, with the main difference being that players now earn points each month based on their position that month. At the beginning of each new month, scores are locked in and a new leaderboard opens. At the end of the season (year), the winner is determined and a new season begins. Previously, each month had to be created manually, but with the new app, this process is automated.

The app offers the following overviews:

  • Monthly ranking
  • Seasonal ranking
  • Ranking with the highest score per person for the season
  • Archive of previous months and seasons

To kick off the first season in this app, a small event was organized at Pixel Arcade to allow the initial scores to be submitted.

The app website: https://stamina-pr.web.app/

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