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Throwing a party is currently unimaginable. That is why we had the idea to organize a DJ event, but online. One of the arcade machines that had already been partly converted into a DJ booth and was perfect for building an interesting decor. Multiple monitors were also linked for displaying generic visual animations. With a line-up of no less than 7 DJs, a schedule was made so everyone could be in the spotlight. On platforms such as facebook, YouTube and Twitch, the positive reactions poured in as well as interest from other DJs. This means that after the 2 editions that have been current, there will certainly be a sequel.

For me this was only the 2nd time DJ, besides 2 mistakes it went very well and most important I enjoyed it. The second half of the day was played by the more experienced DJs who managed to make a show of it until the end. You can know when the next stream will be available via the social media of DDR-EXP or if you are interested in running it yourself.

DDR-EXP: https://www.ddrexp.nl


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