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Where can I roll, in a skatepark or on the street? This is a question that not everyone will have, but quite normal for a skater. As many know, we not only skate in a skatepark, but the stairs on the corner of the street can look tempting as well. Maybe you are on vacation and bring your skates or your skateboard, but you have no idea if there is a park nearby. Of course you can search this on Google, but if you want to search specifically for a nice “skate spot”, there is now SkateList. All information easily available and things like access, ratings, obstacles and the current weather.

Skate Kerk Arnhem

SkateList is a website and mobile app that you can use as a “skate spot” search engine. A hobby project of mine originally intended as a programming exercise, now public and without advertising. Check the map in your area or search for a city name for results. By going to the site on your phone you can easily install the app.

The list is still quite short but if you come across a good spot, send it to deschuurr@outlook.com. Preferably an original photo and short description, which is then updated on the site for everyone.

Site: https://skatelist.nl



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