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MikuExpo Amsterdam


If you are a fan of Vocaloid, there was a big chance you could be found this weekend in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam For MikuExpo2020. A holographic artist is of course something unique, but it was supported by a real band. In addition, the decor was also spectacular and I really appreciated the light choreography. During the concert the vocaloid’s were interspersed with the intention that the fans used light sticks to adjust the color on the artist, usually clearly visible in the colors of the outfit and lamps. The intensity of the show was well managed for 2.5 hours, which also gave the band time to rest, because a virtual artist off course does not need a break. The European tour went past 5 cities was visited by many. As a detail when leaving the arena, the room was left clean and you don’t see that often! To find out more about Hatsune Miku, visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hatsune_Miku

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