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After creating your account, the site will give you a level 1 character just like an RPG game. The game has a list of songs and corresponding ‘charts’ available for download. You place this on your own arcade or computer so that you can start playing songs. It is important to play on a dance mat and not to use your keyboard. The level starts at 11 and goes up to 27 from there, making it not very beginner-friendly. After playing a song you can upload the score to your account which will make your level go up and unlock Quests.

As with other RPGs, there are Quests, which ensure that you make extra in-game progress by completing a specific task. In addition to playing a lot, you can also get points faster by completing quests. This progress can be tracked on a global ranking where you can compare yourself with other rivals. A nice addition is that you can also see a ranking per country so that you can also compete for a national first place. The money you save can be used for the shop. In the shop you can buy relics that can be used to gain an advantage during East Coast Stamina, not for the RPG itself.

Not everyone is able to play at the same time, especially in these times. That is why the participants have a period of 2/3 months (until August 2) to get the highest possible position. With a base list of about 360 songs, plus songs that you can unlock via Quests, this is something that can take quite some time.

All of this is like a qualification for the ‘East Coast Stamina’ tournament held in America. The best 24 players of the RPG are welcome to participate, a full explanation of which can be found on the official website Here:

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