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Airforce Ultra is a vertical shooter game for PC or your web browser.

You are a pilot of a one man’s fleet currently in enemy territories.

Doge the many bullets and upgrade your weapons. Are you going to complete this dangerous mission?



Airforce Ultra: The game

The 2nd game published by DeSchuurr and inspired by old arcade shooters like 1942 and Airstrikers. Vertical shooters are games where you fly through a level or world at a fixed speed. Enemies appear in the screen which you then shoot for points, this genre of games is known for being very chaotic and/or difficult and therefore the nickname “bullet hell”. Airforce Ultra has 7 stages with vary in themes and enemies, you can also encounter a boss at the end of some levels. If gameplay is not difficult enough for you, there is the option called “hardmode” which makes the game even more difficult.

Arcade Mode:

You can choose to play the game in arcade mode. This mode makes the game behave like an arcade machine. Think of local high scores, inserting coins to play or scan lines like a CRT monitor. This also makes that the options are hidden, so they cannot be adjusted easily.

Play the game!

A limited amount will be available on CD or USB.
After these have been sold, this game will be made available for everyone to play online.
The online release will not include an arcade mode.

Play online


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