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After the jubilee 10th edition of DDR-Exp event held in February 2020, a long awaited 11th edition was announced this year. February 4, 2023 was the date many rhythm gamers marked in their calenders as the DDR-Exp Crystal event, an event by the community for the community, took place at the Games Guild, Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands. For a set price players could play games for free and attend various competitions. Several groups of people from different countries came which made the event larger than expected. Around 85 people attended the event. The players had the opportunity to play the games normally available at the Games Guild including Beatmania IIDX, Beatmania The Final, Jubeat, Pop’n Music, In the Groove, Pump It Up and others including retro games. Thanks to Pixel Arcade, the most popular game – Sound Voltex Exceed Gear – was available too. The game quickly rising in popularity – Chunithm – was also brought which made many players happy. Bishi Bashi, the ideal party game was available too. Apart from arcade games it was possible to try out various console games and PC games – both new, old, popular and obscure. Players could try out Groove Coaster WaiWai Party with custom arcade controller, old classic Donkey Konga, enjoy a multiplayer experience playing Rock Band or test their skill in Osu! One of the latest news also announced that Michael Markus would bring his StepmaniaX setup. This allowed players to try the most advanced dance plaltform and software if they never played on it or simply enjoy the new SMX content if they were familiar with it already. Players could compete in events held throughout the day which allowed the players to bond even more. Excitement and friendly competition could be seen.

Photos by Yun.
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