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Gamestate Pump Cup


On February 15th, the Gamestate Pump Cup was held at Gamestate Arena in Amsterdam. Three machines were set up for this competition and placed back-to-back in a circle, which was impressive to behold. The tournament was divided into three divisions, all using the double elimination bracket. This means that if you scored low in a round, you would go to the lower bracket. If you scored low in that bracket, you were out of the competition. Every division ended with the three finalists competing against each other. Many people showed up to compete, which is why most rounds were single play instead of double play, to allow more people to play at the same time. It was also nice that there was no entry fee for participating or playing during the competition. After the competition, the free play was open, and everyone could play some more games until they were tired. All in all, it was a professionally organized competition by the hard-working community behind it, and thanks to Gamestate for providing the machines and location.

Fotos: Héctor Anton



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